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Here you'll find a link to my Custom Handmade Knives My Gallery
as well as Very Important Links to Forums on Knifemaking.

My name is Ken Wolfe and I'm a Custom Handmade Knifemaker and use my Art, Engraving Sculptoring in my knives. I've been making Custom Handmade Knives with Special Engraving or Carving for 20 some years. I use 440C and ATS-34 Stainless Steel as well as Hi-Carbon L6 and 10 series like 1084. Recently using 154CM and S35vn.

Everything you'll see is HAND DONE by myself in my shop in the California Sierras. Check out MY GALLERY!

If you want to make your own Knife or get involved in Knifemaking. Here are some of my favorite important links to knifemaking forums. I could fill this site with tips on making from my experience over the years, but there are more knowledgable Master Knifemakers on these forums.Blade Forums
Knife Network British Blades Don Fogg ForumYou will find just about anything having to do with Custom Knifemaking at these Sites. Knifemaking Links Read a lot and Search FIRST. Then ask questions.

Below you'll find Links to my Custom Handmade Knives and our Special Report on Sharpening your knife.

I do scrimshaw, engraving and carving and there is a link to my carved Gunstocks, Walking Sticks, Carved Belt Buckles and More. Look around, enjoy, Order something and Please COME BACK. BE sure to BOOKMARK this Page.

All my items are unconditionally guaranteed and may be returned to me 14 days from receipt in original condition. Knives with Personalized Special Engraving cannot be returned.

My Knives also carry the same guarantee and come with a Certificate of Authenticity, Serial # and Signed by me.

Knives come with a heavy form fitted custom made Leather Sheath .

Please Email Me with any questions.

Knifemaking Classes are held here at our Alta, Ca. Shop. Either one on one or sometimes couples. Classes are 2 days minimum ( 8 hours ea. ) and are $370.00 per 2 day class, which includes all materials and lunches both days. More Info. on an www.wolf-mountain.com. Engraving System package is also available. See HERE!

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